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[Editor’s Note: This week, the TalkShoes staff is out of the office to enjoy the last little bit of summer. We’ll return on Monday August 31st, but in the meantime, we’ll be running a few of our favorites from the past few months. We brought this one back from the archives to get us ready for the looming colder weather, and because, let’s face it, it’s hilarious!]

Pity the half-frozen actress with something to promote in February. Celebrities of every ilk seem to suffer from a shared delusion during winter; that’s the only way to explain the excess of short skirts, bare legs, and six-inch designer pumps during a blizzard. Or maybe the extreme societal pressure we place on celebrities to look beautiful and idyllic in less than idyllic conditions is to blame. Or maybe it’s the excess of early designer freebies from everyone’s spring collections. In any case, celebs, you have our sympathy. (Sort of.)

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